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What's a Puppetume™? Only the most fantabulous addition to your puppetry activities ever! A Puppetume™ is a costume puppet head with a working mouth. Ideally, a person who is comfortable in front of a crowd and very physically animated wears the Puppetume™ on his or her head. Meanwhile, a puppeteer who is working the mouth by means of a radio control transmitter, is stationed out of audience view up to 100 yards away! The introduction of a walking, talking puppet into your shows can really make a huge impact. Check this short clip to see what we mean (Please allow for individual operator settings/technique choices and lack of complete costumes.)

Every Puppetume™ has a small, powerful fan inside for the comfort of the wearer and, for those who want to be the wearer and the puppeteer at the same time, we can add a very small and discreet hand controller (for a modest extra charge) operated by a pressure pad that can be placed inside one of the included matching gloves.

We can make you a Puppetume™ that looks like almost any kind of "Regular" puppet character we make, and most Innova™ styles, as well. (And Ralph and Elmer, too.) You'll have to give us about 6 weeks to make them, though. Puppetume™ come with fan-cooled head and matching gloves. You provide the rest of the outfit - dress them any way you like! Have a look below!

We're still working on this section and what shows isn't necessarily all that is going to show or all we can make. If you're looking for something in particular and you can't find it below, just email us with your interest at We'll be glad to discuss your needs with you. And don't forget, because we are awesome, we can also repair and service any Puppetumes™ you may already own. So, if you need some repairs on your older Puppetume, or are looking for something you don't see here, email us with your request at and we will take care of you!

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CUSTOM Male "Regular" Puppetumeâ„¢ CUSTOM Female "Regular" Puppetumeâ„¢
Built in the style of our "Regular" puppets, CUSTOM "Regular" Puppetumes are fan-cooled, remote-controlled costume heads with matching gloves... and made just the way you want! These fan-cooled, remote-controlled costume heads with matching gloves are customized to look like however you want (within certain parameters).
Costume Mardy head with matching gloves. Costume Mopp head with matching gloves.
Mardy Puppetume™
Price: $495.00
Mopp Puppetume™
Price: $495.00
Mardy Puppetume comes with matching gloves and R/C (radio control) transmitter. Mopp Puppetume comes with matching gloves and R/C (radio control) transmitter.
Costume Ralph head matching gloves. Costume Elmer head matching gloves.
Ralph Puppetume™
Price: $650.00
Elmer Puppetume™
Price: $650.00
Ralph Puppetume comes with matching gloves and R/C (radio control) transmitter. Elmer Puppetume comes with matching gloves and R/C (radio control) transmitter.
CUSTOM Male "Innova" Puppetumeâ„¢ CUSTOM Female "Innova" Puppetume
Vinnie Innova with red hair?  Albert Innova with cocoa skin?  Beamer Innova with blue yarn hair?  These combinations and many more are available on every one of these fan-cooled, remote controlled costume heads! Bring your favorite female Innova puppets out from behind stage in a BIG way with Puppetumes™. Female Innova Puppetumes are are fully customizable to your specifications.
Costume dog head with overalls and shoes.
Rovercomer is unlike our other Puppetumes in that he has no moving mouth.  He's a fan-cooled mascot costume who is available to hand out hugs (or prizes) and "mimes" all his communication.  Rovercomer comes as shown with fan-cooled head, shirt, overalls, work gloves, bandana (color may vary), and even dog feet boots.  One size.