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Stay Out Of Gangs.MP3 (download)
Price: $10.00

2:18 song. Taken from the Crime Prevention Program. Male Lead Voice.
CD, Spots Kid Safety Songs
Price: $25.00

Here's a fun yet purposeful approach to safety education: 12 fun sing-along songs covering topics ranging from Stop, Drop and Roll to Riding the Bus. Kids will love singing these upbeat songs and will, as a result, remember the lessons they teach.
CD, Substance Abuse
Price: $35.00

Here are five programs featuring parts of a person's body discussing the physiological effects of abusing alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. You will need two male people puppets plus a heart, liver, stomach, and brain puppet to perform these.
CD, Fire Prevention Program
Price: $50.00

Prerecorded audio monologues and songs designed for Fire Prevention Personnel to use in tandem with their own Fire Prevention curriculum for younger elementary aged audiences. This audio CD collection of fire safety skits and songs requires only one puppeteer / instructor.
mcgruff the crime dog puppet
McGruff, the Crime Dog (vintage puppet)
Price: $95.00


Height: 26”
Arm Rods: 2 Wristhuggers™
Extra info: No Handi-sphere™

16" Tall officer puppet with mustache and blue shirt and black tie.
Officer Al's Child Safety Set
Price: $150.00

It's Officer Al PLUS a CD featuring 19 shows (with songs) to help young children develop safety awareness. Officer Al is a Nuzzle style puppet with our unique "rotating neck" design. He comes with honey colored skin, black marabou hair and a black mustache, and wearing a blue shirt with tie. He even has a little, metal badge.
fire dog animal puppet
Spots the Fire Dog Puppet and Programming
Price: $185.00

Spots is all set to to work alongside fire educators or anyone else interested in teaching fire prevention and personal safety lessons to children. He is about 28 " tall and comes with fire helmet and shiny black boots (Boots do not have laces as in photo). Perfect for ventriloquists who perform educational shows and for puppeteers who just want a really cute new personality.