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Metal arm rods for puppets with Velcro tabs or wristbands. Does not include velcro arm rods.
Looped metal rods with wristbands. 6 pairs of replacement Vinyl Wristbands for use with Loop Arm Rods
Set of 6 Wristhuggers™ Set of 2 David Pannabecker Signature Series™ arm rods.
Puppet Legs (sm)
Price: $45.00
Legs for smaller puppets.
Puppet Legs (m)
Price: $55.00
Puppet Legs (lg)
Price: $65.00
Legs for middle sized puppets. Legs for our larger puppets.
pads for kneeling
Female Form
Price: $24.00
The product you need for a kinder, gentler work environment. (for your knees) Augment your female puppets with this accessory designed to give your puppet "shape".  
Sized for Regular, Innova, and Super puppets.
Human Arm Gloves
Price: $20.00
Puppetume Gloves
Price: $28.00
Human Arm Gloves Puppetume Gloves
Human Arm Shirt
Price: $35.00
Human Arm Shirt Special modification to make ventriloquist-style performance more convenient.