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Affiliate Questions
Can we create our own art to promote our affiliate link?
  Yes.  However, please be courteous and ask first before using our original artwork and photos from our site.  

The artwork provided in the Affiliate Center is free for your affiliate promotion use.  We suggest using it primarily.

We will periodically check in on the website URL you listed on your account to make sure you are representing our characters in a satisfactory way.  Please take care to represent us with integrity and artfulness.  Our puppets are top notch and we want our affiliates to be top notch too!  You can do it!

Thank You For Your Interest!

Together we can educate, entertain and enrich lives around the world with high quality puppets and puppetry.  We wish you all the best and are happy to partner with so many enthusiastic and puppet-minded people.  Get the word out!
How do commissions accrue?
  When people click on your link to our website, their computer tells our site that they were referred by you.  Purchases made as a result of clicking your affiliate link are tracked automatically.  When your account reaches $50 worth of commissions or more, we send you a check on our next payout cycle. Remember: be sure to have people make their purchases by clicking on your affiliate link to our site.  Merely visiting our site through your link does nothing to earn you commissions, and later visits (i.e., visits from a different computer, or visits where someone simply types in "" and then places an order), will not generate commissions for your account.  Commissions are only accrued from purchases made directly after clicking your link.
How do I find out how much I have earned?
  Check out your Affiliate Center when you sign into your account.  It’s near the bottom of your Account Info.
How do I know when I should expect to be paid? I mean, how do I know you are tracking my payments properly?
  We are using the same software for payouts as you are using to view your accrued affiliate based commissions.  When you see that your account is over $50, so do we.  We'll payout on the next billing cycle.
How do I qualify to become part of your affiliate program?
  First you need to create a user account.  If you have already made a purchase from us, you most likely created a login name and password.  Simply login again and proceed to click on the "Become an Affiliate" link at the bottom of our website.

From there, proceed to sign up for the affiliate program as instructed.

We will do a quick review of your customer account and the website you wish to promote us from, and at our discretion will manually approve your Affiliate Status with 2 business days.
Is there a limit to the number of affiliates will approve?
  No. Affiliates are not distributors or sales reps.   As such there are no assigned sales "territories" or protection for specific regions.  Let's face it, the World Wide Web is more or less world wide.  It would be impossible to set up "territories."  Besides, we aren't hiring sales people, we're just giving our customers a chances to earn some positive cash flow by encouraging others to buy from us.  So, the more the merrier!
What if I don't have a website?
  No problem! You can use your own affiliate I.D. code to link to our site from your Facebook page or your email list.  A unique URL embedded with your affiliate I.D. code will be assigned to you, and you may paste that into any social networking site or emails that you generate. Your custom affiliate I.D. and artwork can be found in your Affiliate Center at the bottom of your Customer Account page.
What is your payout schedule?
  We cut commission checks once a month.  Remember, your check will be mailed only after your account reaches $50.
What percentage do I earn on purchases made through my affiliate links?
Who can be approved to be part of the affiliate program?
  Just about anybody!  We reserve the right to refuse anyone of affiliate status for any reason.  More than likely, you will be approved within 2 business days.  We anticipate most people who sign up for our affiliate program will be approved.  In fact, we don't know who we would refuse.  We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.