Puppets and puppet products made in the USA

We are a small group of puppeteers, puppet makers, and creatives who have joined together to bring you high quality puppets, puppet programming, puppetry training, and puppet supplies. Combined, we represent over 80 years of puppet designing, manufacturing and performance experience. 

In 2009, we (puppetsinc.com) started as a DBA of Frontier Creations Incorporated. In addition to our original puppet designs Frontier Creations acquired the copyrights and exclusive manufacturing rights to the entire former Puppet Productions catalog of puppets and programming. Partnerships with David Pannabecker Designs, Noslen Creative and Ultimatronix followed. We are proud to offer some of the best puppets and puppet designs in the world. 

So, when you get ready to purchase Grade A, top drawer puppets that are individually hand-crafted in the USA and made with the puppeteer in mind, we hope you’ll think of us. You won’t be sorry you did. We look forward to providing for all of your puppetry needs!

--The Guys at Puppetsinc.com.