How do I return an item?

At, we want you to be happy with your purchase. We don't sell on approval, but if, within 30 days of receiving your order, you find something wrong with it, we'll be happy to take it back. But remember, You must receive authorization to return anything so please contact us before you put your return in the mail. All return portage is the responsibility of the customer unless the product is defective or we shipped you the wrong thing by mistake (see below).

Our Mistake
What? We sent you the wrong item? That's completely our fault. As soon as you let us know of the error, we'll send you the right item, right away, at no cost to you.

Defective Merchandise
It is our intent to be so diligent about our business as to never ship you any defective merchandise. But sometimes, even under the most careful scrutiny, a defect sneaks through. If you get your order and any part of it is defective, we'll ship you a replacement at no charge. Of course, you may have to send us the defective item and pay the return postage so we can verify that something is wrong before we send your new one out to you.

Your Mistake
As much as we like you, we can't be responsible for your errors. You can return most items you ordered by mistake, but you'll have to pay the return postage and a 10% restocking charge. Other charges may apply depending on the situation and condition of the order. If the item returned is soiled, damaged, parts missing, or in otherwise unsalable condition, an additional amount will be deducted from your refund based upon what is required to bring the item back up to an acceptable condition.

Audio or Video products - return for Store Credit only
Did you know some people buy audio or video, copy it, and then return it to the store where they bought it for a refund? It's true! We understand you wouldn't do such a thing, but we can't tell the difference between you and those other people just by looking at the order. So, we can't offer a refund on any of our audio or video programs to anybody. If you really have to return it, we can only give you store credit.

Stages - return for Store Credit only
It's a big investment we know, but because of the considerable investment we must make in time and materials for these stages, we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. Authorized returns will be eligible for store credit only.

Vent-style Modification - no returns
You understand... if we punch a hole in the back of your puppet because you asked us to, we have to insist you keep the puppet. Sorry, but we cannot accept returns on any puppet that has been made Ventriloquist Ready.

Other Modifications - 50% refund or full store credit
Here's the thing: the reason we don't include pose-able fingers, legs, and specialized rod systems as standard equipment on our puppets is that it drives up the price substantially and most of our customers are satisfied with the normal version anyway. Those that order upgrades understand that because they are "extras" the cost goes up along with the value of the puppet. But if a person orders a puppet with upgrades and then returns that puppet, we have a unique and wonderfully specific character on our hands which perhaps no other human being on the planet is driven to own. Since the addition of extras pushes a standard (and therefore, more affordable) puppet character into another price class, we can only offer a refund of 50% for any puppet that has had "extras" of any kind added to it. For this purpose, we define an "extra" as any modification to a standard puppet that has an additional cost attached (except Vent-style Modification which is non-refundable entirely). If you prefer, you may exchange at full price for other merchandise and we are happy to apply the full purchase price (less shipping) as store credit.

BLANX - mixed policy
The whole point of Blanx is to maximize customer savings by limiting the amount of labor we expend making your product. The best scenario for us is to make each Blanx with no add-ons or modifications. As with all our puppets, we make each Blanx to order with meticulous care and attention to detail. But because there are so many possible variations (skin color, with ears, without ears, with nose, without nose, vent ready, etc.) the possibility for you, as the customer, to specify a Blanx that no other customer will ever order is reasonably good. For that reason, only Blanx puppets that have had no add-ons or modifications are eligible for return or exchange. And, unless there's something wrong with it, you'll have to pay to send it back. Please contact us before doing so and remember the returning Blanx puppet will have to be in resellable condition.

Unique and Clearance Items - non-refundable

Some things in our catalog are non-returnable for any reason. This includes any items listed on our Special Deals page. The special prices on those products make them non-returnable.

If after the dust has settled you decide you want to return your purchase for refund (assuming the product is eligible for it), it may take up to 60 days for you to receive your refund after we receive and check the item you are returning. In addition to being eligible for refund, the puppet or CD or stage or whatever has to be received by us in salable condition. All approved returns will be subject to a 10% restocking charge. The 60 days for refund does not begin until our inspection finds the item to be in acceptable returned condition.

You must receive authorization to return anything
so please contact us before you put your return in the mail. Call 972-224-9200 and leave us your information (Name, invoice no., and return contact info). Well get back to you as soon as we can. This number is only for customers seeking authorization on a return. All other contact should be made by e-mail: [email protected]

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