Testimonials & Comments From Customers
Unsolicited notes and letters we have received from people who have purchased catalog or custom puppet designs from us.


I'm back from an amazing week at clown camp and I knew my puppet Paisley (Your LUCEE) would be a HUGE hit and she was!!!! Oh my gosh, soooooo many people tried her and loved her. Her hair and absolute cuteness was a hit, and I made sure people realized how easy she was to use. I gave out most of the cards you gave me, I think I only had about 10 left from the stack. As soon as someone asked where I got her, I handed them a card and told them how awesome you were to work with. She was the "popular kid" at camp for sure, lol!!!"



"I cannot thank you enough for making a would-be-disaster into a wonderful success! The bear puppet I had ordered a week earlier on ebay never arrived in the mail, and I was supposed to be doing a puppet show at my son's elementary school the following evening :(. I called you in a panic asking if you could overnight Kody the Bear, and you assured me that he'd arrive the next day by priority express. You made sure Kody was ready and brought to the post office in time, and the mail carrier delivered him safe and sound the next day before noon. It was such a relief, and the puppet is gorgeous! You were so professional, helpful, and kind, and I appreciate all that you did! Thanks so much! By the way, the students (AND parents) absolutely loved Kody and his performance - he put smiles on everyone's faces that night!!"

-Mary Ann


"Thank you so much for expediting our order. We made our event on time and “Kyle” (Kodiak) the Bear was a huge hit. Great quality and delivery as usual. Love your puppets."

-Pastor Daren


"I just received my order of a custom puppet that you did of a female Pupplet version of Elmer. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for the attention that you gave toward her. We are excited to introduce her to our kids in a couple of months."



"I am so very delighted with this puppet!! Every detail about her is perfect - matter of fact, she is even cuter than [the original]. I'm not sure how that is possible since she looks just like it, but maybe it's because she is actually here with me! I am so impressed with the detailed workmanship; please let everyone there know that they have another very happy customer. I went on the website to leave a review, found all the customer comments but didn't know how to go about leaving my own - so I wanted to send you and everyone who created her a great big thank you for all that you did. It's so awesome how you have a business that brings joy to so many people!

God bless you all." [Brenna ordered a very special Stage 3 custom puppet made from photos.]



"I just wanted to tell you that the puppet arrived and she is wonderful!! She is so light and comfortable to use, she is adorable, and I love how her shirt came out! Thank you!"



"I received my regular puppet Mrs. Quimper in great condition and happily got to know her - giving her her own voice and personality (she has a British accent and LOOOOVVVVEEESSSS to sing). I practiced learning how to open and close her mouth with the sounds and pauses of speech, learned how to have her look around, look at me, look at the audience, look down, up, shake her head side to side. It has been a lot of fun. The special mouth grip technology, Handi-Sphere, makes it very easy to move her mouth. She is so well made, the craftsmanship is terrific, the lining is so nice too. Thanks so much to the seamstresses that built her. Please tell them for me. Tell them I ask God to bless them. They did a beautiful job."

"Thank you so much for your help. I am a happy customer. God bless you all. I am glad you made your company."



"A quick email to let you know that the Puppets [
Dr. Ion, Verd] have arrived today safely and are excellent, just as advertised on your website. I would like to thank you for your quality of service (Five star) and the way in which you have kept me informed from purchase through to delivery, even when there appeared to be a blip, which turned out not to be."

"I would be very happy to recommend you to my fellow Puppeteers in Northern Ireland and the UK and look forward to further purchases in the near future."



"Firstly, the whole gang looks fabulous. The pictures had me in stitches. T hey look terrific, you managed to capture them so well. I am sure each of them is going to really treasure those puppets for a long time (even after we use them in a skit to poke some serious fun at all of them!)" [ordered several Stage 2 custom lookalike puppets]

-Customer requests anonymity owing to special circumstances


Just wanted to say thanks for my Hugh Innova Puppet which arrived here in the UK today. He’s superb and I love the improvements since my last purchase of the mouth details.
I was going to add that to my other puppets – it makes such a difference! I now have three of the Innova family and love them all. Thanks again!"



Thanks for being the greatest puppet supply company in the USA!"


"Just wanted to let you know that the [custom] puppet arrived yesterday. It was just in time for our practice that night for our new Christmas show. We were very pleased with the final product. As usual your work is outstanding. Thank you. We will be back in touch again for more wonderful puppets in the future. God bless."


"Hi Nice People , I just wanted to thank you so much for the incredibly fast service and fabulous workmanship of the human arm Wendy and Hugh puppets I bought from you. We have over 100 puppets and these two really stand out. These were our first Innova puppets and I just love them. We have used Wendy in several roles and know that Hugh will be used often as well. Thanks for the great puppets."


"Last summer we ordered 2 Puppetumes from you guys and they have been nothing short of excellent. The
animatronic mechanics are great. The design and features are great. We are very pleased with your products. Thank you for your hard work!"


"Our Puppets have arrived and they are AMAZING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE... We LOVE them! Thanks SO much to you and all your staff and crew for all your hard work and dedication to making these puppets come alive! WOW, what an amazing production we are going to have!"


I just wanted to drop you a line of thanks.
Firstly, thank you for the excellent service for my recent order.
Secondly, (although I use another brand of professional puppet in my act) I needed something that would set me apart for as this was for a specific comedy mentalism routine of mine – and Hoodee certainly delivered that - the audience reaction was amazing.
The finish quality is fantastic and the new rod system is such a winner also.
I look forward to seeing what characters comes next from you.

Many thanks,

Puppets Inc. has blown our minds! Our beautiful "Big Blue" (Elmer) arrived today and you would not believe the scene my mother and I made when we got him out of the box. He is positively exquisite! He looks exactly the same as our old Blue but he seems even better made than before. We could not be happier with the amazing product. Please, please thank the team who had a hand in bringing our boy home, we just adore him!


I recieved my puppet order Thursday. They are of the same quality I was hoping for!! I can't wait to ship them to the "Shepherds Home". I will be informing them of the status on Puppetsinc. & referring many to your new company.

May God continue to Bless you and the folks that are working to make Puppetsinc a Company that continues to honor God!!!

With Sincere Thanks,

I just got my puppets and I want to double thank you!!!! They all look GREAT!!! Seeing them all with legs and wonderful hairdos they look outstanding! Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!!!

VINNIE came today and he is WONDERFUL!!!!! And just in time for our Memorial Day presentation!!!! What a thrill. Thank you so very much for exchanging the puppets for us. That was very much appreciated. We are looking forward to many fun skits with our new VINNIE and HUGH......!!
God bless you and your production team. These are GREAT puppets!!

Team Leader, The Master's Puppets

I just wanted to let you know that Buddy (green boy Bernard) arrived in perfect shape and excited to start our volunteering at the Cardon Children's Hospital. Thanks for your service and speed in filling my order. I am so excited to start this new page in my life. And I can tell that Buddy will be a perfect "partner" as we learn together about volunteering with the smallest of patients.

Most sincerely,

“This is a note to THANK YOU for the excellent customer service and quick ship! I've left you feedback but wanted you to know personally how wonderful this experience has been. Lucee is better than expected - she's perfect! I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with her.

Your integrity shows through the puppets and your service is top notch! I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer!

Thank you once again!


I have several puppets I use for my new ministry, but none come anywhere close to the quality of yours. May God bless you both and help you to be successful. There are a lot of people depending on the treasure God has put in your lives.


I got my puppets today and am SO impressed with their quality and your speedy delivery. I love the new rod arms, too. If you have a line on acquiring a Kodiak bear puppet, I would appreciate it, too. Thanks for your efficiency, and I’m so glad yall are in the business.


Thank you for your prompt reply. If this is any indication of how your Customer service is going to be , I look forward to doing much business with you. Keep up the good work and the tradition of good puppetry.

ICor 15:28c ...that God may be all in all.
-Bro John

"Thanks again for your help! We will be using you for our puppet needs in the future."

"I can't thank you enough for all you've done in making our puppet ministry so easy. You are always so helpful and generous with your resources, and always with such grace and kindness! I pray that you and your company prosper as you share God's love with others! Blessings to you."


"Awesome! Thank you!! Could not be happier with the service received from you guys!! We will definitely shop with you again!!"


"You have been most helpful, no other company would give advise!"


"I haven't been able to contain myself since I received the pictures the other day!

I look at them constantly and just laugh at how adorable they are! My parents will be so happy I'm sure of it! I just wanted to thank you again so much for all of your help and all of your patience with me!

I am so pleased with every single detail of each puppet! I am completely blown away, because I wasn't expecting those details to be included. At the risk of sounding redundant, you have exceeded all of my expectations, and I can't wait to see the puppets "in the flesh"!!!!

I have a feeling you haven't heard the last from me yet. There may be some more orders to come in the near future! Thanks again!"


I received our puppets this morning.
They're looking great.
I am very happy with the quality.
I will talk to you more on the next order.
With Regards,


Wow, thank you everyone! When we receive notes like this in our email box we are reminded why we do what we do. It's our pleasure to serve so many fantastic people in the puppetry community!

Please, spread the word that we are open for business and prepared to meet the needs of our puppeteer and ministry friends.