Free Puppet Skit: You Got To Praise - The Lord
It's mostly a monolgue so you could perform this script with only one puppet if you had the correct audio assistance. It's waaaay more fun with a bunch of puppets, though, so do it that way if you can.

© Frontier Creations, Inc.

By Living Faith Puppet Ministry

"Sing" (a puppet) is on stage alone for a monologue about all of his problems.
Puppet chorus pops up around Sing’s window after each problem and in unison sings: “You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!” Gradually increasing volume until Sing finally gets the point.

Sing:  Oh man, I just don’t know what I’m gonna do my grades are terrible!  I mean I got like three or 5 A’s and a B. How many is that? 6 grades, oh yeah I got C on my stinkin’ photography test!  Can you believe it man?  I mean I got a C--- I thought my picture of that roadrunner over at Dex’s house was at least worth an A triple plus! I bet it was cause I had to use the school camera and not my own.  What in the world am I gonna do?

Puppet Chorus (quietly): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (glances around): What? Man I thought I heard something. So anyway, as I was saying, I also got Sally all mad at me. She all sayin that I was mean to her or something, and I don’t even know what she’s talking about but one thing’s for sure, she’s not saying anything now cause she flat out stopped talking to me!  Man oh man what am I gonna do?

Puppet Chorus (a little louder): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (glances around): Huh? I must be hearing things. OH Yeah! Then I found out that Greenie stole all my Reece’s Pieces!  I really love those things and now I got to deal with being mad at Greenie. Huh, course I probably shouldn’t have been so careless and just left them lying around on the table while my back was turned.  But it really makes me mad!  Sometimes it feels like I just can’t trust anybody, even when it is my own fault.  I know I should forgive him but Greenie just made me so mad that it’s been really hard to get over it!  What should I do?

Puppet Chorus (a little louder): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (glances around): Say what? … Maybe I need to clean my ears out cause it sounds like I’m hearing voices.  Then… oh man, get this!  I’m grounded because of my stinkin’ little sister!  You’ll never believe what she did to me!  Well just listen to this, she wanted to go with me to the school dance but I told her “No Way”! I mean she’s only like 9 years old, not old enough to go to a Jr. High dance at all.  Besides, that’s not cool taking your baby sister to the dance so I told her not on her life.  Guess what?  She up and followed me to the dance!  I guess that when I saw her there dancing with that new dude that I should’a took her home but I didn’t cause I was having a good time watching Dex and the rest of our friends dancing around. You see I was taking the pictures of them for the year book, with the school camera:  hmm hope I get a better grade for those than I did for the roadrunner… anyway!  My sister told my momma that I saw her there and didn’t do anything about it, which I couldn’t deny, and now I’m grounded for the rest of the year!  What in the world am I gonna do?

Puppet Chorus (a little louder): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (glances around): I must be loosing it!  Then to make matters even worse I didn’t get the lead in the end of the year centennial play, can you imagine that?  I thought that when I sang “Lord I’m Running” that I did a pretty good job, even if I didn’t have someone sing the other dudes’ part. Talk about adding insult to injury!  The told me that maybe I should take some singing lessons, oh yeah, and acting lessons too!  The nerve of some people!  I think Chester must have bribed them or something because they told him he did a perfect job singing the monkey song.  I guess it didn’t hurt that he took the monkey and the birds with him and they had this whole dance number and stuff!  I guess he thinks he’s pretty important now!  Well, maybe not, maybe I’m just really cranky.  How am I supposed to handle all of this rejection?

Puppet Chorus (louder): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (glances around, slowly catching on):  I keep hearing the same thing over and over, I wonder if someone’s trying to tell me something? (pause) Naw!  Oh!  And the last thing that’s so stinking bad is that my brand new camera-in-the-case is broken!  You know the one that the church in China helped me buy?  Yeah, that one!  I even took the pictures of all my friends and of Sally too so I could send them to China and the film got stuck in the camera! Then the camera got stuck in the case!! That’s why it’s my camera-in-the-case, cause it’s stuck in that stinking case and I can’t get it out, not even with pliers!  Anyway, the film got stuck in the camera and that’s why Sally’s mad at me!  She came around asking about her pictures and she was bugging me about them and I guess I must have yelled at her… ooops… yep, I yelled at her alright cause I was like,  (yells) “Sally just back off for a stinking minute!  I got serious problems here but you wouldn’t understand cause your camera-in-the-case isn’t broken is it?  NO, but mine sure is!!!” Oh man, no wonder she ran away crying and hasn’t talked to me in three days!  I was a little, no I was a lot mean.  Man, I better ask her to forgive me and tell her I’m sorry.  Well, that’s one problem solved…but look at all these red spots, I think I’m coming down with chicken pox.  Awww Man!  What am I gonna do?

Puppet Chorus (loudest): You got to pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing (looks around catches on): Ohhhhh I got it now!  I should pra-------aise the Lord!  Yeah, I remember hearing about King David, every time that dude turned around he was singing praises to God and if it worked for him maybe it’ll work for me. But maybe I better watch it, I remember this one time he praised himself right out of his clothes!  I don’t want anybody seeing MY underoos! So let me see…God I want to thank You for all of the good things You’ve given me and to tell You how much I love You and that I know how much You love me so I just want to tell you  that I love to

ALL SING: Pra-------aise; The Lord!

Sing looks around trying to find the source of the “Heavenly chorus” before exiting

All Exit