Free Puppet Skit: An Answer To Prayer!

Can skit can be used as one long skit or as a three part story.
Puppets needed - 4, three boys, one grandpa
Theme - why doesn’t God always answer prayer.

© Frontier Creations, Inc.

By Tamara Green (Mara Jade)


Billy, Tommy, and Bully
(Billy and Tommy enter talking)

BILLY:   Yeah, my mom gave me some extra lunch money today because I cleaned my room, so now I can get some pizza and a pop instead of those soggy sandwiches and warm milk.

TOMMY:  Yeah, yuck. Soggy sandwiches. The only thing worse that that is cold, leftover broccoli casserole. (Looks in lunch bag)

BILLY: Eww. That's disgusting. What do you have for lunch?

TOMMY: (sigh) Looks like cold, leftover broccoli casserole.

BILLY: Ha! Don't worry. I'll share my lunch with you today.

TOMMY: Sweet! But you’d better hope that Brad the bully doesn’t take your money from you again, or else you won’t have any lunch to share.

BILLY:  Oh, don’t worry about that. My Sunday School teacher told us how God answers our prayers. If we really have faith, we’ll get what we pray for.  

TOMMY:  Yeah, that sounds cool, but it doesn't work.

BILLY: Sure it does. My dad prayed to get a promotion at work and he got it, so why wouldn’t God answer my prayers too?

TOMMY: Well... what did you pray for?

BILLY:  I prayed that Brad would get really sick and not be at school today.  

TOMMY:  Wow!  That'd be rad! And you really think it’ll work?  

BILLY:  I sure hope so. If my dad got what he prayed for, why wouldn’t God answer my prayers, too?

TOMMY:  I give up, why wouldn't He?  All I know is he didn't answer mine.

BILLY: He didn't?

TOMMY: Naw. I prayed I’d get a motorized scooter for my birthday but I never got it.

BILLY:  Hmmm. Maybe you didn’t pray hard enough.  I mean . . . (as he’s talking Bully walks up behind both boys)

BULLY:  Well, hello there, twerps!

BILLY: Brad!  Oh, uh... hi!

TOMMY: (at same time as Billy)  Yeow!  Oh, hi

BILLY: (scared) Um - how are you feeling?

BULLY:  What do you care, twerp?  If it's any of your business, I feel great. (puts hand out)  Now, stop the yakkin' and hand over the money.

TOMMY:  (whining) Oh, please Brad, I’m really hungry today. Please don’t take Billy's money, please.

BILLY: Yeah. Me too. I'm hungry too.

BULLY:  (in a babyish voice)  Oh, the poor little twerps are hungry. (in a mean voice) Just quit whining and just hand it over.

BILLY: (gives money to bully)  There, that’s all I have.

BULLY: (counts money) Score! (laughs) Gee, thanks twerp, looks like I’ll be eating pizza and pop today! (Billy and Tommy watch as he exits)

TOMMY:  So much for God making him sick.

BILLY: (sniffles)  Yeah.  (sniffles again)  I guess God doesn’t care if I go hungry or not.  (head down) Let’s get to class.  (both boys exit.)

(Billy and Grandpa)

(Billy enters alone)

BILLY:  It’s just not fair.  I prayed and I really believed that it would work!  (looks to heaven)  I did what I was supposed to and you didn’t keep your end of the bargain!  (puts head back down)  Maybe God doesn’t listen to kids. Maybe you have to be a grown-up for God to answer your prayers.

GRANDPA:  (enters)  What’s that I hear you saying about prayers?

BILLY:  Oh, hi Grandpa. I was just saying that God doesn’t seem to answer prayers from kids -- only grown-ups.

GRANDPA:  Now why would you say a thing like that?

BILLY:  Well, I prayed about a bully at school and God didn’t do anything.  And Tommy said that he prayed for a motorized scooter and he didn’t get it either.

GRANDPA:  (nods head) I see, I see.   Let me ask you this:  What exactly did you pray for?

BILLY:  I asked God to make Brad, that’s the bully, really sick so he wouldn’t be at school.   I even prayed twice!  But Brad didn’t even get a sniffle.

GRANDPA:  I think I see what went wrong.

BILLY:  You do?

GRANDPA:  Yep, you prayed contradictory to the Word of God.

BILLY:  Con-what-what-ery?

GRANDPA: Contradictory. That means opposite or against.

BILLY: I didn't pray against anything but Brad. What do you mean?

GRANDPA:  I mean, God works in love and kindness, not by making people sick. Praying for Brad to get sick is the opposite of what God wants you to do.

BILLY:  But he’s a bully!  He pushes me... I mean -- people, and gives me...uh, them swirlies and wedgies. And takes my... their lunch money!  He’s mean!

GRANDPA:  Maybe he is.  But do you remember what the people did to Jesus when they were crucifying him?

BILLY:  I think so.  Didn’t they whip him and stuff?

GRANDPA:  That’s right.  And they ripped out his beard and kicked him, and threw stuff at him,

BILLY:  Gee, that sounds like it would hurt a lot.

GRANDPA:  Yes it did, but do you remember what Jesus said even after they pounded great big nails into his hands and feet.

BILLY:  (Head down) He asked God to forgive them

GRANDPA:  Right again.  You see, God wants us to forgive the people that hurt us.  He tells us to love our neighbors.  

BILLY: But he's not our neighbor. Brad lives two blocks over.

GRANDPA: You know what I mean. If you pray for God to help you be more like Jesus when you deal with Brad, I’m sure you’ll get an answer.  It may not be right away, but over time I think you’ll see a change in Brad or maybe you’ll see a change in you.  God surely won’t make Brad do anything he doesn’t want to do, but if you show Brad that you really care about him, it’ll sure make him think about what he wants. Who knows? You two might even end up being friends.

BILLY:  Friends with Brad?  Come on, Grandpa. I don’t even know if I can be nice to him. (pause) But I’ll try, with Jesus’ help.  Grandpa?  Why didn’t God give Tommy a motorized scooter like he asked?  That didn’t have anything to do with being nice or mean.

GRANDPA:   I think you’re confusing God with Santa Claus.  God isn’t like a great big grandpa in the sky.  He does help people with the things they need and sometimes even gives them the things they want, but just because Tommy asks for something doesn’t mean God is going to give it to him.

BILLY:  Well, why not?

GRANDPA:  Well… I can't say for sure. Maybe God knows something about the way Tommy might ride a motorized scooter and doesn’t want him to hurt himself.

BILLY:  Hmmm.  I never thought of that.  I’ll bet Tommy didn’t either.

GRANDPA:  Not surprising. You and Tommy aren’t God, so you can’t think like He does.  No human being can.  God knows everything.  Sometimes He doesn’t give us things we ask for because He knows it wouldn’t be good for us.   Sometimes He doesn’t give us things we ask for because we want them for the wrong reasons.  But sometimes He gives us more than we ask for because He loves us and wants to give good gifts to His children.

BILLY:  I guess me and Tommy both just need to pray and trust God to do the right thing, huh?

GRANDPA:  I guess so.  Hey, would you like to go get some pizza?

BILLY:  Right now?

GRANDPA:  (laughs)  No, on your birthday. Of course right now.


(Exit together)

(Billy, Tommy, Bully)
(Billy and Tommy enter on stage and are talking)

TOMMY:  What time was that again?

BILLY:  Me and my mom will be picking you up about 9, so make sure you’re ready. (stage whisper) The teachers don’t like it when we’re late. (Bully enters)

BULLY:  Well, if it isn’t my favorite twerps!  I think you have some money for me, don’t you kid?

BILLY:  Yep, here’s two dollars Brad. I hope you enjoy your lunch.

TOMMY:  (looks at Billy with mouth open in shock)

BULLY:  Weelllll, aren’t we just cheerful today?

BILLY:  Actually Brad, I just wanted to let you know that God loves you. And my mom said I could invite you to church this Sunday... if you wanna come. (ducks as if he's going to be hit)

BULLY:  (confused) Huh? You want me to come to church with you?

BILLY:  (straightening) Yeah, it could be fun.   If you want, you could come by my house after school and I’ll tell you all about it.

BULLY:  (laughs) I dunno... I guess I could. Okay.  (looks at Tommy)  Hey, twerp, you can close your mouth now, I’m leaving.   (pats Billy on the back)  See ya after school, uh... Billy.

TOMMY:  (stutters)  I - you - I can’t believe you invited him over to your house. Are you crazy?

BILLY:  Maybe. But I’m just walking in love just like God wants me to.  And speaking of God, we need to talk about some stuff.  (places hand on Tommy’s back and the two exit)