Free Puppet Skit: Best Friends Forgive

© Frontier Creations, Inc.

by Susan Wilhelmi

CAST: Narrator (a person), Oscar, Herman, Mom (puppets)
SCENE:  Narrator to one side of the stage.
PROPS: Baseball cap

NARR:    Once upon a time in the town of Cityville, there lived a boy named Oscar (OSCAR ENTERS) and a boy named Herman (HERMAN ENTERS).  Oscar and Herman are best friends.  (OSCAR AND HERMAN MOVE TO EACH OTHER PUTTING ARMS AROUND SHOULDERS.)

OSCAR:         Boy, you're my best friend.

HERMAN:     You're my pal.

NARR:           One day, Oscar's mother bought him a nifty neat baseball cap (MOTHER ENTERS).

MOM:            Oscar, here is a nifty neat baseball cap I bought for you today (GIVES OSCAR CAP).

OSCAR:         WOW! Thanks mom.  (MOM EXITS)

NARR:           Herman also thought it was a nifty neat baseball cap.

HERMAN:     Oscar, that sure is a really nifty neat baseball cap. I sure wish I had one.

NARR:           Then Oscar's mother called him.

MOM:            (OFFSTAGE) Oscarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

OSCAR:         Coming, Mom.  Herman, will you watch my nifty neat baseball cap and make sure nothing happens to it?


NARR:            Herman couldn't stand it, he had to try it on.

HERMAN:      I can't stand it.  I've got to try it on. (HERMAN PUTS CAP ON AND STRUTS AROUND) Boy, do I look cool!  (HERMAN TRIPS AND CAP FALLS OFF BEHIND STAGE)

NARR:            Herman was really upset when the cap fell into the sewer.

HERMAN:      OH!  OH! Ohhhhhhhhhh!  I'm so upset.

OSCAR:          (ENTERING) I'm back, where is my nifty neat baseball cap?

HERMAN:       I'm sorry, Oscar.  When I was wearing it, I tripped and the cap fell into the sewer.

OSCAR:           What?!? You dumb-bell!  I'll never, ever forgive you!

NARR:             Things didn't look good for Herman.  He was really feeling bad that he had lost a friend, and a nifty neat baseball cap all in one day. (HERMAN EXITS LOOKING DEJECTED)

NARR:             But Oscar wasn't feeling much better. (OSCAR ENTERS MUTTERING) Hey, don't worry.  Moms can always help in situations like these, and here comes Oscar's mom now.  (MOM ENTERS)

MOM:              What's the matter, Oscar?

OSCAR:           Herman!   That's what.  He lost my cap in the sewer and I will never forgive him -- not ever, never!

MOM:              Oscar, you must forgive Herman.

OSCAR:           Why?

MOM:              Because the Bible tells us in Mathew 6:15 that we must forgive if we went to be forgiven by our Heavenly Father.

OSCAR:           You mean if I want God to forgive me of the bad things I do, I have to forgive Herman?

MOM:              Right!   Besides, isn't Herman your best friend?  (OSCAR NODS) Well, if you want him to stay your best friend, you'd better forgive him.

OSCAR:           I guess I better. (MOM EXITS)

NARR:              Now, all Oscar had to do was find Herman.

OSCAR:            Herman, oh, Herman! (HERMAN ENTERS)  There you are.  Herman, I forgive you for losing my nifty neat baseball cap.  Can you forgive me for getting so mad?

HERMAN:         Sure!

NARR:                So, once the town of Cityville, because of forgiveness, there are still two best friends named Oscar and Herman.

HERMAN:         Best friend -- pal of mine!


NARR:                The end!  (TURNS AND EXITS)