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They're heeeeeeere! Our finest designs, hot off the... design desk and individually crafted at our factory in TEXAS. These puppets are all made with the kind of quality you look for in a professional style puppet: roomy, comfortable mouthplates (featuring Handi-Spheres™ through exclusive contract with David Pannabecker Designs); complete linings (your hands never touch bare foam); and assembled with care so your puppets from will last a long, long time.  To sweeten the deal we offer free shipping and a free set of 2 arm rods with each puppet you order.  (Assuming it has arms.)

Our newest designs are always in stock and ship within 1 or 2 business days of your order.  We also have a big ol' mess of puppets that we make regularly but don't keep in stock.  But don't worry, when our people receive your order, we start right in to make you a brand new puppet.  Those usually ship in a couple of weeks.  Often much sooner.  Hey, and you know what? We won't charge your card until we ship your order.  That's just one more policy that we think you will like.
Pannabecker(TM) Puppets Animal Puppets Black Light Puppets
Puppets from the David Pannabecker catalog but made by  You get the best of both worlds!
Barnyard, jungle, plains - wild and domestic.  Various prices and sizes.
Black Light puppet characters in many shapes and sizes!
Blanx™ Puppets Blippets™ Puppets Widjits™ Puppets
The perfect foundation on which to build.  Puppets without details to help your budget and enable creativity.
12" colorful, furry puppets for children.
12" colorful, furry puppets. Great for kids and clowns!
C-Bop™ Puppets Crime Prevention Fire, Safety, & Health Puppets
14" human-ish little guys available in 4 skin colors each! $99.
Puppets and puppet sets designed for crime prevention and safety.
Body parts, and other puppets for health and safety education.
Innova™ Puppets Willie George Puppets Little People™ Puppets
A huuuuuge variety of 18" and 20" humanoid puppets available in rod arm or human arm styles!
Through exclusive contract with Willie George Ministries, Frontier Creations™ (dba: is the sole manufacturer and distributer of these designs.
13" wide mouth human-esque puppets. $95 for these classic characters.  Custom versions also available.
Nuzzles™ Puppets Peeples™ Puppets Pupplet™ Puppets
16" lightweight characters that feature a swivel neck design.  $120
Human-esque little guys with tons of personality.  15ish" tall and less than a hundred bucks!
Budget characters with a cute look, and simplified design.  $55-$65.
Pupplet People™ Puppets Q-blets™ Puppets Ralph And Elmer Puppets
12" little squirts suitable for practice or for little puppeteers.  Only $49.
$65 gets you a terrific cartoony puppet from this category!
Giant cartoon characters with tons of programming available. Sizes and shapes vary.  $160
Regular Puppets Specialty Super Puppets Toons™ Puppets
The classic 16" wide mouth puppet. Several skin colors and plenty of hair choices. Rod or human arm.  $120
18" human-esque puppets with realistic wigs, character specific outfits, sparkling eyes, (and many wear glasses.) $140
16" wide mouth human-esque puppets with really creative cartoony features.  $130
Families, Sets, Packages Miscellaneous Characters
Designed to work together, here you find groupings of puppets that have programs written specifically for them.
Some of our best puppets defy even the cleverest category titles.