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Hey! Why can't we talk to a real person when we call?
  Well, you will get to speak with a real person -- just as soon as we get a free minute. Don't forget, there are only just a couple of us who can be available to chat on the phone. Mostly we're running around doing puppet-making type things. None of us has time to be just sitting by a phone in case someone calls. We know it's a little inconvenient for you not to be able to ask questions directly, but sending them via e-mail gives us the opportunity to answer them whenever we have a free minute. Ultimately, that's better for you in the long run. By the way, you can send your e-mail questions to us at: [email protected].
My CD doesn’t have audio on it... does it?
  We are pretty confident that your CD DOES have audio on it. You tried to play it on your computer, didn't you?  Here's the thing: we sell dual format CDs.  We record audio and also encode script files on the same CD.  And if you put your CD in your PC, it probably only shows a script file. But, if it shows the script file, then it was duplicated correctly and there is definitely audio on it. You can test this by placing the CD in a CD PLAYER (not a computer), selecting track 2 or later and pressing the PLAY button.

As far as playing the CD on your computer, please consult the instructions on the inside of the case your CD came in. If you are terribly confused about how to play the audio on your computer, find a teenager.

If, on the other hand, there is no script file or the audio is all wonky and only partial tracks play, then check out our return policy and we will get you taken care of.
How do I contact you?
Contact Us:
Frontier Creations Inc. / PuppetsInc.
P.O. Box 1359 Red Oak, TX 75154
Customer Service # Call 972.224.9200 ext 307
Because there are so few of us, we must answer the phone only when we actually have adequate time to take a call. If you have to leave a voice mail, we WILL get back to you as quickly as we can; certainly within 24 hours or on the next business day (like if you call at 9:00pm on Friday).
FOR SPEEDIER CONTACT: Our preferred (and fastest) method is, email: [email protected]