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Navigate to our sub-categories below for pre-recorded professional puppet shows designed for faith-based content.  We offer well over a hundred titles, and many titles are in multiple categories.  

LISTEN! Sample audio is included on most individual product pages.
Gerbert Programs Solo Puppet Programs Small Cast Short Plays
Gerbert tells Bible stories and sings fun songs in each.
Puppet audio programs that require only one puppet and one puppeteer.
Huge collections of puppet shows with less than 10 minute run-times.
Large Cast Musicals Spanish/Other Languages Seasonal/Holiday Themed
Productions that require a team of puppeteers and many puppets.  10 - 30 minutes in length.
Spanish (and other language) puppet programs for outreach and Christian education.
Holiday puppet programs of various types.
Kidz Bible Club Quimper's Corner Ralph and Elmer
5 day puppet program curriculum. Scripture, Life Application, Bible Stories, Safety Programs, Songs, and more!
Basic principles of Christian living are presented in the everyday world of Mr. Quimper and his five small friends.
Biblical truths and Christian morals taught with crowd favorites: Ralph and Elmer.
Song Collections Background/Rehearsal Audio Script Only (no audio)
Songs written and recorded specifically for puppets.
Workout audio, background tracks and intro music for puppet shows.
Puppet show scripts of various run-times and cast sizes.
Downloadable Content!
Puppet programs available for instant download.
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Funny Puppet Show Script
CD, Treehouse Time
Price: $25.00

This script was written with 1 Puppetume™ in mind for one character, along with several puppets.

It's a multi-faceted show that can be performed with several different combinations of human, Puppetume™, and puppet characters. Click on this product to learn more.